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Welcome to PSH South Africa Pty Ltd!

Pos Service Holland Starter Motors and Alternators meet the requirements for the automotive branche. PSH have branches in Holland, Spain, South-Africa and China and offices in Belgium and Germany. ...More...
Pos Service Holland heeft kwaliteits Starters en Dynamo's voor de automotive branche. PSH beschikt over vestigingen in Nederland, Spanje en Zuid-Afrika en is kantoorhoudend in Belgie en Duitsland.... Lees meer...

With more than 6600 types of Starter Motors and Alternators, PSH covers more than 85% of the automotive and agriculture market. PSH also provides units for trucks and the shipping industry. P.S.H. is an importer of various brands such as Starter Motors and alternators from Visteon. PSH also has its own line of more than 900 different types of Starter Motors and Alternators in their own line. This “PSH+” line is fully interchangeable with original parts from brands like Bosch, Valeo, Hitachi, etc. All units displayed on our webshop have extensive information and a flash photo that can rotate 360 degrees!

Pos Service Holland since 2004 has a branch in Nederweert (NL), which specializes in used Starters and Alternators. The units here are thoroughly inspected and then supplied to Repair Shops.

Besides Starters and Alternators PSH also provides equipment focused on the Electro-test work machines like the Test Benches of D&V Electronics, Stainless Steel Industrial Washing Machines, Sand Blasters and Automatic Blasting Machine. 

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From December 16th till January 4th, PSH SA is closed.
January 5th we hope to be at your services again.
We wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Motoplat VC-11R
The VC-11R tester is a handheld and easy to use device that allows you to diagnose an alternator that is communicating with the ECU of the car, when it’s still mounted. Click Here
MOTOPLAT Equipment
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Exhibitions 2014
In 2014 you can find us at several exhibitions. For more info, please click here.

New Warehouse Holland
It's official! finally we can start building our new warehouse! For more info and for photos, please Click Here

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Tech Corner
PSH's 'Tech Corner' contains technical information about our products, such as: D&V test benches and alternator connections, Click Here

VC-07 Alternator Tester
The Motoplat VC-07 allows you to check and test the latest alternators. For more information, Click Here