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    Pos Service Holland (SA) Pty Ltd
    Pos Service Holland (SA) Pty Ltd is an international wholesaler in the field of Starter Motors and Alternators.


For every branch PSH has an extensive webshop with starters and alternators. For each unit a wide range of several OEM numbers are mentioned and all the units are provided by comprehensive information.

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Pos Service Holland South Africa has an extensive stock of starter and alternator replacement parts from brands such as +Line, Gauss, Mobiletron, Hüco and Zen.

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Motoplat Testers

PSH introduces Motoplat: new, high quality starter motor and alternator testers. The Motoplat range contains complete test benches as well as handheld and bench top testers.

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Starters & Alternators

With more than 9.000 types of starter motors
and alternators,
Pos Service Holland covers
more than 85%
of the automotive and
agricultural industry.
PSH also provides
units for trucks and the shipping market.